Nida Looks to SkillsUSA For Technician Assessments

Nida Corp., of Melbourne, Fla., has conducted the national electronics technology SkillsUSA Championships competition, here in Kansas City, for over five years now.

They have also indirectly supported state and international skills competitions throughout North America. Nida Corp. specializes in courseware and hardware for training in basic electronics, telecommunications, industrial controls, automotive electronics, and avionics. Their training programs have been used around the globe by industry, schools, and the military for over 25 years. Recently Nida was faced with a skills assessment project that put them to the test.

When Northrop Grumman purchased Westinghouse Electronic Sensors & Systems, they were challenged with the task of determining what kind of skills their new technical work force had to offer. They needed an assessment process to find out exactly what skill level each technician had reached, to establish effective training programs and maximize the potential of their new investment. The problem was how to evaluate the performance of more than 350 technicians with a broad range of electronics skills, in a very short period of time, without creating any sort of threatening atmosphere in the technical shop. Northrop Grumman turned to Nida Corp. to develop an assessment program that would meet their corporate training needs.

Nida Corporation’s solution was to provide the Northrop Grumman training department with the Nida SkillsUSA competition packages from past national events. After all, what better assessment tool could there be than the very tool used to determine the Electronics Technology gold medalist of the United States of America. The Nida SkillsUSA competition package contained every aspect of a technician’s skill set: job skills interview, electronics knowledge, soldering, circuit design, and, perhaps most importantly, electronics troubleshooting. The Nida SkillsUSA competition package was fun to work through, and the results provided the Northrop Grumman training department a comprehensive picture of their technician’s level of expertise.

So the next time your SkillsUSA student is given a skills assessment by a major corporation like Northrop Grumman, they can say with pride, "Been there, done that, got the SkillsUSA/Nida T-shirt."

-Taken from: "The Medallion: SkillsUSA-VICA's Official Conference Magazine"